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Plastic Age – Blood Roses

  • The Melomaniac

Plastic Age is a three piece band who knows how to rock it out there!

All of them: 21 years old, two gals, one guy and already five years under their belts in the band; that’s what makes up this indie rock and punk pop French band from Nevers.

And that’s not it, they’ve also already toured around a whole lot, having gone past one hundred concerts already, sharing their lively raging energy onstage through the power of music.

Recently, they’ve just released their first album, recorded at the Bronx Sound Machine (Tambours du Bronx’s studio): Blood red roses.

It’s full of punky vibes that really come across through the energetic vocals and punchy choruses powered by the crunchy guitar chords.

So don’t be fooled by the first slow distorted guitar chords of the first song introducing isolated vocals. The strength of the and’s signature powerful ordered chaotic melodies dotted around everywhere in this album are about to be unleashed.

It’s seems to be all about a release of ‘I’m gonna put it in your face’ energy based on youth, love stories and relationships. You’ve got the guitar and acidic voices that blend together to form a layer, which in its turn propels the tracks forward whilst they are backed up by a steadily prominent percussive dimension that brings it all together. Basically it’s everything thrown together reminiscing rock from the eighties passing by some of the classics like The Kinks, The Pixies, The Hives…

As mentioned by the band, there’s only one phrase which reflects their sound: “Fuck you, rock n’roll is not dead!”

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